While the church buildings have reopened (on Sunday mornings, 9.45 at St Mary’s and 11.30am at St Catharine’s), we recognise that there will still be people for whom these services are helpful, so they will continue for the foreseeable future.  We’re using the Service of the Word 2015 liturgy as the basis for many of these services.


The Tenth Sunday after Pentecost – Pentecost 10 from the Rectory


Eighth and Ninth Sundays after Pentecost – please see for the link to the Provincial service


The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost – Pentecost 7 from the Rectory


The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost – please see for the link to the Provincial service


The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, 27th June – Pentecost 5 from the Rectory


The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 20th June – Pentecost 4 from the Rectory


The Third Sunday after Pentecost, 13th June – Pentecost 3 from the Rectory


The Second Sunday after Pentecost, 6th June – Pentecost 2 from the Rectory


Trinity Sunday, 30th May – Trinity from the Rectory


Ecumenical Churches of Grangemouth Pentecost Service, recorded on Zoom – Lessons and Hymns for Pentecost


The Day of Pentecost, 23rd May – Pentecost from the Rectory


Seventh Sunday of Easter, 16th May – Easter 7 from the Rectory


Sixth Sunday of Easter, 9th May – Easter 6 from the Rectory, a focus this week on Christian Aid and their work, ahead of Christian Aid Week, 10th-16th May.


Fifth Sunday of Easter, 2nd May – Easter 5 from the Rectory, Rev Susan Ward preaching on the gospel


Fourth Sunday of Easter, 25th April – Easter 4 from the Rectory, Good Shepherd Sunday


Third Sunday of Easter, 18th April – Easter 3 from the Rectory


Second Sunday of Easter, 11th April – Easter 2 from the Rectory


Easter Sunday, 4th April – Easter from the Rectory with the new fire


Maundy Thursday, 1st April – Maundy Thursday from the Rectory


Palm Sunday, 28th March 2021 – Palm Sunday from the Rectory


Fifth Sunday of Lent, Passion Sunday, 21st March 2021 – Lent 5 from the Rectory


Fourth Sunday of Lent, Refreshment Sunday, 14th March – Lent 4 from the Rectory


Third Sunday of Lent, 7th March – Lent 3 from the Rectory


Second Sunday of Lent, 28th February – Lent 2 from the Rectory


First Sunday of Lent, 21st February – Lent 1 from the Rectory – the sermon did not record correctly the first time and can be found here: Rev Susan Ward’s Sermon for Lent 1


Last Sunday before Lent, 14th February – Transfiguration Sunday from the Rectory


Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, 7th February – Epiphany 5 from the Rectory


Candlemas, The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, 31st January – Candlemas from the Rectory


Third Sunday after the Epiphany, 24th January – Epiphany 3 from the Rectory


Second Sunday after the Epiphany, 17th January – Epiphany 2 from the Rectory


The Baptism of Our Lord, 1st Sunday after Epiphany, 10th January – Epiphany 1 from the Rectory (this is a new link, the first one didn’t work properly)


The Epiphany, 3rd January (translated from 6th Jan) – Epiphany from the Rectory


Christmas Day, 25th December – Christmas from the Rectory


4th Sunday of Advent, 20th December – Advent 4 from the Rectory


A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols featuring readers from St Catharine’s, Christ Church, and St Mary’s: Nine Lessons and Carols


3rd Sunday of Advent, 13th December – Advent 3 from the Rectory


2nd Sunday of Advent, 6th December – Advent 2 from the Rectory


Each month we distribute a paper version of a Service of the Word and the Collects and Readings that go along with this service.  They are for use by anyone who can’t for whatever reason access our recorded services.  If you’d like to see them, you can find them here:



Feast of St Andrew, 30th November – A Service for St Andrew’s Day from the Rectory


1st Sunday of Advent, 29th November – Advent 1 from the Rectory


Christ the King, Last Sunday after Pentecost, 22nd November – ‘Christ the King’ from the Rectory


24th Sunday after Pentecost, 15th November – Pentecost 24 from the Rectory


Remembrance, 8th November – Remembrance from the Rectory


All Souls, 2nd November – A Service for All Souls, a chance to remember


All Saints, 1st November – All Saints from the Rectory


21st Sunday after Pentecost, 25th October – Service from not just the Rectory – Rev Susan Ward preaching


20th Sunday after Pentecost, 18th October – Sarah and I are on holiday this week, so we’d like to point you towards the service from somewhere in the Province that is provided each week through these times: Service from St Mary’s, Broughty Ferry


19th Sunday after Pentecost, 11th October – Pentecost 19 from the Rectory


18th Sunday after Pentecost, 4th October – Pentecost 18 from the Rectory


17th Sunday after Pentecost, 27th September – with a theme of Creation – Pentecost 17 from the Rectory – Creation


16th Sunday after Pentecost, 20th September – Pentecost 16 from the Rectory


15th Sunday after Pentecost, 13th September – Pentecost 15 from the Rectory


14th Sunday after Pentecost, 6th September with the sermon by Rev Susan Ward – Pentecost 14 from the Rectory


13th Sunday after Pentecost, 30th August – Pentecost 13 from the Rectory


12th Sunday after Pentecost, 23rd August – Pentecost 12 from the Rectory


11th Sunday after Pentecost, 16th August – Pentecost 11 from the Rectory


10th Sunday after Pentecost, 9th August – Pentecost 10 from the Rectory


9th Sunday after Pentecost, 2nd August – Pentecost 9 from the Rectory


8th Sunday after Pentecost, 26th July – Pentecost 8 from the Rectory


7th Sunday after Pentecost, 19th July – Pentecost 7 from the Rectory


6th Sunday after Pentecost, 12th July – Pentecost 6 from the Rectory


3rd Sunday after Pentecost, 21st June – Pentecost 3 from the Rectory and a re-recorded version of ‘Just as I am’ as we forgot to put the words up the first time: Just as I am


2nd Sunday after Pentecost, 14th June – Pentecost 2 from the Rectory


Trinity Sunday, 7th June – Trinity Sunday from the Rectory


Pentecost Sunday, 31st May – Pentecost Sunday from the Rectory – Happy Birthday Church


Easter 7, 24th May – the service can be found here: Easter 7 from the Rectory, the Sunday between Ascension and Pentecost


Easter 6, 17th May – the service can be found here: Easter 6 from the Rectory


Easter 5, 10th May – the service can be found here: Easter 5 from the Rectory


Easter 4 – Good Shepherd Sunday, 3rd May – the service for this Sunday can be found here: Easter 4 from the Rectory


Easter 3, 26th April – the service for this Sunday can be found here: Easter 3 service from the Rectory


Sarah and I are taking the Second Sunday of Easter ‘off’ this week so we won’t be posting a service this week. So we’d encourage you to join with the service posted on the SEC’s website this Sunday: Provincial Service for Second Sunday of Easter


Easter Sunday – the service Sarah and I put together can be found here on our YouTube channel: Easter Service from the Rectory. Following this service, please go to sing along with Thine Be The Glory.  If you wish to download a service sheet to follow the whole service then you can do so here: Easter service 2020.  A written version of Sarah’s sermon will be found here shortly.


Our Good Friday service can be viewed here: Good Friday service


Our Maundy Thursday service can be viewed here: Maundy Thursday service


Monday of Holy Week, Compline – service sheet – If you wish to download a service sheet, please do so using this link.  Otherwise the service can be followed on YouTube at:  The service is available from 7.30pm on Monday 6th April.  If you wish simply to hear the sermon, then an audio version can be found below.


5th April, Palm Sunday – service sheet – Please download this service sheet and print it off for use with the YouTube video which is found here  There is no sermon for this Sunday as we read the whole Passion narrative from Matthew.


If you wish to take a part in a reading of the Passion according to St Matthew for Good Friday, 10th April 2020, please download it here: The Passion According to St Matthew.  We will only be able to do this if we get 13 volunteers to read the parts who are able to record themselves reading them.  Please help if you can!


29th March 2020, Passion Sunday – service sheet – Please download this service sheet and print it off for use with the YouTube video which can be accessed here:


This provision of services will probably develop over this time – if you have any difficulties accessing any of this media, or if there is something else you would feel would be helpful, then please contact Willie using the contact form on this website.

Reflection on Lamentations 1, from Compline for Monday of Holy Week, 6th April 2020

Lamentations 1:1-2,6-12, Psalm 86 - By William Shaw.

Dry Bones and Lazarus – Crying out with hope

Ezekiel 37:1-14 & John 11:1-45 - By William Shaw.

A thought for St Mary’s patronal festival – The Annunciation

Luke 1:26-38 - By William Shaw.

Fear and blindness – we need God to open our eyes. A sermon for Lent 4, 22/3/20

1 Samuel 16:1-13 and John 9:1-41 - By William Shaw.