St Catharine’s reopening for Private Prayer

St Catharine’s is reopening for Private Prayer initially on Wednesday 5th August from 10-11.30am.  The church and hall have been cleaned and chairs arranged in a socially distanced fashion.  Please feel free to come along and spend as much time in quiet prayer or contemplation as we begin the process of meeting together in one place again.


You will be welcomed by a volunteer who will show you to your seat.  We are operating a one-way system – in through the church door and out through the hall door.  The doors will be left open to ensure that we are not all touching the same surface and also to ensure a circulation of air (so please wrap up warm enough).  Facemasks will be available for you to use if you do not have your own.  There is room for up to 14 people in the church and up to 28 more in the hall.


St Mary’s is also working towards opening for private prayer initially and further details will be posted here.  I also send round an e-mail each Sunday with the link to the online service and news about reopening amongst other things.  If you’d like to receive this e-mail, then please use the contact page on this website to let us know.


We look forward to seeing you – stay safe as we move through this cautious easing and re-opening time.


Rev Willie Shaw