Isabel’s Poem for the week – The Other by R.S. Thomas

The Other. R.S. Thomas. (1913 – 2000)

So many folk have admitted that lockdown has altered their sleeping patterns that, even my wakeful ‘Wee small hours’ have reminded me. of this R S Thomas poem.
The Other.
There are nights that are so still
That I can hear the small owl calling far off,
and a fox barking miles away.
It is then that I lie in the small hours
Listening to the swell
born somewhere in the Atlantic,
Rising and falling, rising and falling,
Wave on wave, on the long shore by the village,
that is without light and companionless.
And, the thought comes of that Other Being
Who is awake too.
Letting our prayers break on Him.
Not like this for a few hours.
But for days,
For eternity.