Holy Trinity, forever One – Isabel’s poem for Trinity Sunday

Heavenly Father, living love,
Beginning and end,
Giver of food and drink,
Clothing and warmth,
Love and hope:
Life in all its goodness –
We praise and adore you.
Jesus, Wisdom and Word;
Lover of outcasts,
Friend of the poor;
One of us yet one with God,
Crucified and risen:
Life in the midst of death –
We praise and adore you.
Holy Spirit, storm and breath of love;
Bridge builder, eye-opener,
Waker of the oppressed,
Unseen and unexpected,
Untameable energy of life –
We praise and adore you.
Holy Trinity, forever One,
Whose name is community;
Source of all sharing,
In whom we love and meet
And know our neighbour.
You are life in all its fullness,
Making all things new:
We praise and adore you.
Brian Wren (SPCK Book of Christian Prayer 1995)